Peach Column Fence

Peach Column Fence is a new product, the right bend, creating a unique aesthetic effect of such products. Now prevalent in the larger cities of the products are nice and easy installation features.

Peach Column Fence product specifications:
Wire diameter: 350 # -600 #.
Mesh: 6cm * 18cm.
Column: Peach Column: 50mm × 70mm 70mm × 100mm; thickness, 0.9mm-1.2mm.

Advantages of peach-type column Fence

  • Beautiful appearance: a white, blue, red, yellow, green and other colors, bright colors, smooth surface.
  • Safety, environmental protection, human (animal) sound: smooth, delicate, bright colors, high strength, good toughness, use of domestic primary raw material level, even if unintentionally touched fence will not be as hurt as steel, iron fence .
  • Aging test: Use at -50 ℃ to 70 ℃ without fading, cracking, embrittlement, up to 30 years.
  • Maintenance-free: no frail, non-corrosive, non-fading, no routine maintenance, do not pollute the environment.