Straightened Cut Wire

Galvanized Straight Cut Wire is a kind of tie wire made with iron wire cutting to certain sizes after being straightened.

Straight Cut Process: put wire rod into the drawing device into a different diameter of the line, and gradually reduce the wire diameter, cooling, annealing, pickling, galvanizing, coating and other processing technology made of a variety of different specifications of the wire.

Material: Q195, Q235 low carbon steel wire with galvanized coating

Wire diameter:0.7-5.0mm.
Tensile strength:350-550Mpa

Characteristics: It is easy for transport and handle, find popular application in construction, handcraft or daily use. We also supply acoustical wire in coils and other forms.

Mainly used in building, mining, chemical, welding, welding rack, then processing etc.The annealed wire become soft, pliable, do construction tie wire, rebar bindingeffect more.baling wire, binding wire

Advantage: More soft, more strong flexibility, the softness of the uniform, color consistency.